Dear Customers, Gentlemen and Ladies

...I really like YOU very much. And yes, I also love MY JOB above all else!
But I would be very happy if you relief requests like:

"Do you have time for an appointment in the next 30 minutes?"


"Could I get a quick massage?"

Please read my acceptance criteria and arrange with me your desired date.

Why I do not accept spontaneous appointments?

  • I work alone. This means that my capacities are very limited and of course I am booked up quickly.
  • Since I have directed my life to have as little stress as possible and a lot of time for my education and other things, of course, I do not even massage 5 customers a day. That also contributes to my being booked up quickly.

Appointments acceptance only with telephone agreement! Thank you.

I have no classic fixed opening hours: I also have a second job, that's why I offer appointments on various days. Of course, I take days off or plan other things. I make this very flexible, as it fits. At the same time it is that I...

...I do not have a massage salon with walk-in customers and I do not wait for customers during the whole "opening hours".

Working hours

Only with pre-registration, at least 2 hour in advance. Thank you.

  • 2 PM - 9 PM*
  • Free*
  • Free*

*Earlier / later dates or on non-working days are possible by prior arrangement.

Book and Appointment

I really hope that you understand and I look forward to an appointment with you soon!

Your Masseuse Natalie

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